…reminds us that Salman Rushdie’ Midnight’s Chidren is another great fiction employing switched-at-birth plotting. All over the Internet are switcheroo anecdotes. Here are other possible plotlines for future movies, which raises the question: If hospitals aren’t careful with babies, then what are they careful with?”

k1Two Russian 12-year olds were discovered to have been swapped when one of the fathers, insisting his daughter looked nothing like him,  refused to pay child support until a DNA was performed.

k2Again after a paternity test, it was discover that two South African women had gone gone with  the wrong baby. By then both mothers had been breast feeding, and decided to keep the baby they went home with.  The boys grew up like brothers, and at 15, one moved in with the other.

k3When two-week-old twins Kasia and Nina were taken to a Warsaw hospital in 1984 with pneumonia, Nina was swapped with another baby. Seventeen years later, Kasia met another girl across town. DNA later confirmed the switch, and the results have reportedly taken a heavy toll on the mother of the twins.

k4When Dimas Aliprandi had suspicions that he was an illegitimate child, his DNA proved him right. When his biological family were located, the family that raised Dimas moved onto the farm of his birth parents, where the two families now work side by side, harvesting vegetables and living together as one big family.