Beeba Boys

Poster_BeebaA film by / un film de: Deepa Mehta
With / Avec: Randeep Hooda, Sarah Allen, Waris Ahluwalia, Paul Gross, Ali Momen
Cinemagique: 05/10/2015 |  Cinéplex Forum | BILLETS | TICKETS

Mix bhangra beats, AK-47s, bespoke suits and cocaine and you have BEEBA BOYS an explosive clash of culture and crime. Jeet Johar and his crew of young, charismatic men vie to take over the Vancouver drug and arms scene in this balls-to-the-wall action drama. Blood is spilled, heads are cracked, hearts are broken and family bonds are pushed to the brink in this adrenaline charged glimpse into a Sikh Indo gang war. If you wanna be seen you gotta commit to being seen.