A film by / un film de: Shana Feste
With / Avec : Vera Farmiga, Christopher Plummer, Bobby Cannavale
Cinemagique: Monday July 9 2018, 6:30PM | Cinéma du Parc  | 1h50min |
Distributor: Métropole Films Distribution

Single mom Laura (Farmiga), along with her awkward 14 year-old son Henry (MacDougall) is forced to drive Jack (Plummer), her estranged, care-free pot dealing father across country after he’s kicked out of yet another nursing home. The road trip veers off course when Jack decides to make a couple ‘stops’ and Henry asks to see his ne’er-do-well dad Leonard (Cannavale), completely upending Laura’s attempt to hold her family together and ultimately forcing her to finally see her father for the man he really is.


Laura et son fils Henry sont contraints de conduire son père trafiquant d’herbe et insouciant à travers le pays, après avoir été expulsé de sa maison de retraite.