Les Beaux jours (21/10/2013)

Poster_beauxjoursA film by / Un film de : Marion Vernoux
With / Avec:
Fanny Ardant, Laurent Lafitte, Patrick Chesnais

In French with English subtitles

Finally! Caroline has retired, at last. A new life lies before her : time to take care of her children, of her husband, and of herself, above all. She soon comes to realize that this new freedom is synonymous with boredom and idleness. Especially when she receives a membership to her neighborhood’s senior club as a birthday present… Reluctant at first, she nevertheless decides to take the plunge. Oddly enough, she meets great people there, starting with the young computer science teacher, who is far from being insensible to her charms. Caroline will gradually take control of her life again and live a second youth : taking a new lover, living new experiences, breaking the rules, not doing what’s expected of you… Who said that retirement was the beginning of the end and not a new beginning?

Des beaux jours? Caroline, fraîchement retraitée, n’a que ça devant elle : du temps libre et encore du temps libre. La belle vie? Pas si simple… Comment alors tout réinventer? Transgresser les règles, provoquer de nouvelles rencontres, ou bien simplement remplir son agenda? À moins que tout soit déjà là?…