Summer Movies

Summertime at the movie house brings out sweeter, easy-on-the-eyes movies, that often can’t find traction (for good reason) at the box office. Nevertheless we all need our movie fix. So here are four that I thoroughly enjoyed. My one summertime caveat: Never trust Gazette nitpicker reviewers: whose assessments are invariably ungenerous.


Finding Vivian Maier

vivianIt’s already disappeared of course, but this fine doc has been my favorite movie of the summer. A young guy buys a box of 35 b&w negatives at an auction, and then devotes years and this film to finding out who took them.



Begin Again


Made by John Carney (Once), A sweeter version of Inside Llewan Davies. Lots of Greenich Village music, the ever likeable Keira Knightley & Mark Ruffalo.



Million Dollar Arm


Despite a Disneyesque version of both India and major league baseball, this Jon Hamm  sappy rollout has a few enduring charms.



Jersey Boys


A delightfully odd adaptation of the Broadway musical oddity (albeit a bust with  the critics), Clint Eastwood directing for Frankie Valli, a biopic about Valli and his group, The Four Seasons. To my great surprise, I remembered vast swatches of lyrics to songs I thought I had never heard of.